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kanak-kanak semua, saya tulis roughly aje kat sini ya..elaborate sendiri setiap point yang diberi tu ya~ hihik


DATE : 19/07/2010
TIME : 5 pm
DURATION : 30 mins

discussion on project
forming groups for diff tasks

DATE : 02/08/2010
TIME : 4 pm

setting up and decorate booth
preparation of multimedia pesentation

DATE : 03/08/2010
TIME : 7:45 am


TOTAL HOURS : 8 h 30 mins


DATE : 26/07/2010
TIME : 4 pm
DURATION : 30 mins

1st meeting : MD61 + MD62
election on committee
forming groups : creative team, decoration team, games and activities team, technical team

TIME : 4 pm
DURATION : 45 mins

meeting : giving ideas on project

DATE : 03/08/2010
TIME : 10 pm

decorating 309

DATE : 04/08/2010
TIME : 8 am

Help to carry out the many activities being held during the Rock & Roll exhibition such as Guitar Hero competition, hand painting and glam snap.
We also organized a tour with primary students who came to the exhibition.

DATE : 04/08/2010
TIME : 1:15 pm

CLEANING IN PROGRES - - - - - - - - - - - - =D

TOTAL HOURS : 11 h 30 mins


DATE : 20/08/2010
TIME : 9:10 am
DURATION : 30 mins

1st meeting with class

DATE : 27/08/2010
TIME : 2:45 pm
DURATION : 15 mins

After Friday prayer, we went to Perpustakaan Wisma Negeri, Negeri Sembilan.
We were briefed by Encik Amar, one of the officers in charge. We were divided to 2 groups. One will be helping in the adult section will another in the children section.

DATE : 27/08/2010
TIME : 3 pm
DURATION : 1 h 15 mins

Each group started to carry out their given tasks such as arranging all the books on the shelves according to its respective categories.

DATE : 27/08/2010
TIME : 4:15 pm
DURATION : 30 mins

A special meeting with the senior manager of the library.
The senior manager shared his experiences on handling the library and also the history of the library.
We also discussed and shared opinions on how we on behalf of Kolej Mara Seremban can further collaborate with Perpustakaan Wisma Negeri, Negeri Sembilan for their many up-coming projects such as collecting used-books from the public.

DATE : 27/08/2010
TIME : 4:45 pm
DURATION : 30 mins

We continued on finishing on our tasks. We arranged the books, tables and chairs before the library finally close at 5.30 p.m.


*special thanks to En. Ayunnie Hazim


Laena Bez

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


sape yg nak tolong bgi point2 pntg(date n aktvt) utk wat cas report...please someone...jasa anda amatlah diperlukan,,,n amatlah dihargai...

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Thinking Bout U Guys...

Assalamualaikum WBT

Here are my reviews on you guys. Please accept them even if you find them offensive or untrue but as I said, these are what I think sincerely of you guys. From the bottom of my heart!

1) Hazim

Frankly speaking, I never think of this guy as pelik. In fact, I think he is GREAT and pretty COOL. And I think he will be a great doctor/politician, one day. He is the man I will vote to be our next PM. Insya Allah. Amin.

2) Hadi

A piece of advice - NEVER underestimate this guy. He might look blur and all but he is brilliant. I think, Hadi just being humble and down to earth. Tak nak menunjukkan kehebatannya... cukup zuhud dan merendah diri. Biarlah orang fikir dia ni anak emas la, anak emak la tapi bila quiz chemistry, dapat one of the highest scores. My point is... don't judge the book by its cover. Plus, he is a very happy chap... always laughing, smiling and (unintentionally) cracking jokes though I still think that Hazim is the funniest guy in the class. I like to think Hadi as our very own Mr. Bean. Hehehe

3) Fiqah

I think I am one of the luckiest to know her, probably more than most of our classmates (I think laa). Kebanyakan reviews about this Terengganu girl is all about her accent and being so quiet... but I know more than that. Thanks to one of the activities in English HL, I know the kind of guy she likes and one of them is dia tak suka lelaki pakai seluar pendek and even 3 quarter. Dia suka lelaki yang hensem dan kaya. Hahaha

And you can say that she is quite close to Shakira. Last Friday, when everyone was so busy layan cerita Bollywood... diaorang dua sibuk buat Math. Hahaha Anyway, I really hope she sees that her decision to stay in Malaysia and doing IB programme Insya Allah will be a blessing in disguise. I pray for that.

4) Charmaine

I was so DAMN impressed by her English replacement test score especially her essay. I mean, she does have good command of English... not to deny that. I won't say that she is quiet but I would definitely describe her as being very polite or being very very shy. Probably she is just adjusting herself to this new environment but I can see she's adapting, Hope you won't find life in KMS that difficult Charmaine. I know that here is quite islamic but only because the majority here is muslims. It must be very different from where you came from and believe me, I truly understand that because I have been in your shoes and so I pray that you will be fine here.

5) Nad

She isn't that mysterious. Nad... I see that you sometimes sitting alone during lesson which isn't a problem at all. That's your style. You are very quiet but totally the opposite when you start online-ing. I totally understand that!!! Sometimes, there are parts of you feel so comfortable when you are in the virtual world.And I was so surprised to find out that you play DOTA via FB. I was like girls playing DOTA? That's very uncommon. Hahaha

And another thing I know bout Nad is that she loves MATH. She even met Mr. Tan, the Math teacher and told him how she adores Math. Mr. Tan apa lagi... puji Nad habis-habisan and at that time, I was thinking, if you love Math so much be a Mathematician! But I think Nad will be a great doctor and even a BIG if she suddenly tak nak jadi doctor... she will be a great Mathematician. So you are safe Nad... hehehe

6) Izzah

I like Izzah. I don't know why... I just like her. She has passion for Sejarah and this is just another girl I think that if you love Sejarah so much be a Sejarahwan laaa... Hahaha. Anyway, I totally salute her because she too has passion in becoming a doctor and knows why. Frankly speaking, I wouldn't dare to go to countries like Afghanistan or Iraq but she has the gut to even dream and more to that, trying to realize her dream in becoming a MERCY volunteer. Such a noble dream!

And another thing about Izzah is that I think she is very ambitious, bubbly and fun I guess. And a very smart girl... I am most aware of that. Izzah, I pray for your success and hopefully one day, you will find yourself in the middle of a war treating people. Insya Allah. Amin.

7) Yusuff

I know Yusuff since Orintasi lagi... Dia laa ketua untuk Kumpulan 1, abang kepada my team, Kumpulan 2. Anyway, Yusuff ni apparently sangat sangat la rajin and very very hardworking. Ada la pengintip aku mengatakan setiap masa dia akan belajar sampai solat kat dalam dorm (oooppsss hahaha).

8) Amirul

This is another guy you shouldn't fool around. Walaupun kuat/sentiasa tidur, tapi homework sentiasa siap dan mampu mengeluarkan aura penyajaknya apabila tiba masanya. And I was told that our very own gladiator ni seorang pemidato jugak. Hebat la Abang Gladiator kita ni!!! Hahaha... and another thing about him, is that dia benci sangat2 Lim Guan Eng.

9) Farah

I think we have jodoh la Farah. You see, you are in my team during Orientation week and MARA Got Ideas! we are in the same mentor-mentee group and now we are classmates!!! Hahaha

 I think we got along really well (as friends!) during the Orientation week and MARA got Ideas! but then, I guess we just found few perbezaan as we go on. But not a problem to me because a wise man once said, "He would not be your true friend till you fight and be friends again." I hope that will be our case. We fight and be friends again.

And another thing, I totally admire your ability to sleep in the class without being noticed by the teacher. Yes, I caught you sleeping during TOK and Agama. hahaha

10) Syaza

Farah's partner in crime. I won't say that she is outspoken but she is very very determined. She knows what she wants. I only started to notice Syaza when we were in MARA got Ideas! The boys in her team complained about her being queen-control and bossy but as I have said earlier, she knows what she wants and I totally respect that. Someone has to take charge right?

And another problem when I am with her is that I can't tell her mood. Mysterious I would say. I would not blindly accept that she is happy when she is all smiling and laughing because you can never know when the storm might come. Hahaha

 11) Aida

I know why I called her Ustazah. Because she is USTAZAH! Hope you don't mind me calling u that ustazah. I remembered when she first spoke to me asking me to charge her MP4 (ustazah pun dengar muzik ok!). And I couldn't remember didn't know her name, so I called her Ustazah hahaha.

Ustazah's way of speaking

Aku/ Saya = Kita/ Orang/ Aida

Kau = Awak/ *Your name*

I think Ustazah ni sebenarnya Rocker... tetapi kerana imej yang dibawanya tidak membenarkannya menjadi rock sejati... Hahaha just kiddding!

12) Patricia

You are right guys... the only person who can fight me back is Pat. Seriously, I am scared of her (in a good way). She can be garang at times but I know her hati ada taman. Probably it is just her nature... you might see her scolding you but actually she was joking. I say we take our time to know her better.

And I can see that Pat can really really adapt herself here in KMS... probably much better than me. Very very versatile. And I was dead shocked to learn that Pat is a BIG fan of Bollywood. As I have said earlier, her hati has taman... and banyak sungai yang mengalir dalamnya.

13) Shakira

When I see Shakira... I am reminded of Sizuka from Doraemon. Very polite and kind. And she's cute too just like Doraemon. Very very very very soft spoken. Selalu terkejut when I tried to talk to her... I wonder why? I hope you don't mind me comparing you with the Shakira. hehehe

14) Afiq

I think I was the first in our class to know that he will be leaving us. I thought he would change his mind but as we already know, he didn't. Let's just assume that he had thought this well enough and Insya Allah, you have made the right decision... I pray for that. Amin.

Anyway, if they say that they like your laugh Afiq, I say I dislike it. So annoying. Hahaha. I find Afiq to be well... happy all the time and scared of the dark. When we both were Facilitators for the English in Camp in KISAS, he insisted that I moved to his room because he had no roommates.Afiq, you have all the rights to bidas my allegation or you can say my accusation hahaha.

And I think Afiq will do well in Egypt because I can confidently say that Insya Allah he already has asas agama yang kuat taking into accounts that his mother is an Ustazah and selalu nampak dia solat subuh kat Surau... Not being narrow minded but untuk keluar sembahyang berjemaah solat subuh secara istiqamah memerlukan kekuatan iman yang kuat dan determination. Good luck Afiq!

15) Sara

Kali pertama nampak Sara marah masa kat Masjid Ampangan tu. I thought you were like a reflection  to Shakira - so polite, soft spoken and sangat sangat lembut but you have proved it - don't mess with SARA!!! I think you are so DAMN nice... I have never seen anyone like you and Shakira. Korang ni mempunyai kesabaran yang cukup tinggi. Cukup tabah menghadapi dugaan. Tidak cepat melatah apabila diduga. Cukup hebat!!! 

And tidak ku sangka, hang ni orang Penang. Tak ada ciri-ciri orang Penang langsung.

16) Dila

First... I was damn afraid of you because you scolded me and I couldn't remember why. Then I was even scared of you when I found out that you are from Seri Puteri (I thought you were from SeSERI). I thought you were going to take revenge on me, you know, me being an ex-ASiS. Then, I started to know you better when we teamed up for BM... doing plot and gaya bahasa for that Drama. You turned out to be less frightening. And I can't believe I had mistakenly acknowledged you as Puan Zolbidah. Anyway, you are cool.

17) Iliana

I can go on forever about this girl. I like you Iliana though you are weird sometimes. I am so blessed to have you in my team for that English project. So creative. You made it happen when I asked for an Elvis Presley in the form of Yusoff. And you are like that Atashinchi cartoon you know... I have told you that. Anyway, what I learned bout this girl is that she is obsessed with Freemanson and all those weird things. Did I say she's weird?

Anyway, Iliana... I think you are a very very dedicated person. You don't complain and very very kind though sometimes you can be very very annoying only when Wani is with you and tak focus kat kerja bila Wani ada. Seriously, stay away from Wani hahaha.

18) Wani

Despite her vigorous-ness which I would not waste my time elaborating on it... I say Wani is the best assistant I ever had. And one of the best teammates I will ever have. I can see that she is very very friendly and fun I guess. Yup, she's definitely the fun type. And I don't understand with her choices of words like when she's typing something, she would include words like Dush, Lalala, Haiihh and many other weird words that don't make sense... hahaha. And I find it very very funny bila Wani jelir lidah bila dia tak puas hati and tunjukkan tanda loser dia kat aku. WEIRD!!!

Anyway, it is fun to be your friend...

19) Nabilla

I think Nabilla hasn't shown her true colour. Pendiam tapi ada masa, bising jugak la hanya apabila Wani ada bersamanya. Hahaha. Maybe you are shy or memang pendiam dari kecil lagi.... but walau apapun, take your time to adjust yourself. I am sure we will see the real you or have we seen the real you?

20) Zul

He is my closest friend here in KMS. Sentiasa tabah dan redha mengikuti ku berjalan kaki jauh-jauh sehingga ke Seremban Parade, Bazaar Ramadan, dan CP walaupun penat berpuasa. Thank you! Zul is quite funny and I pity the girls because they could hardly see the real Zul. Zul ni PENUUH  (gaya zul bercakap) dengan lawaknya.... funny!

And I learned that this guy too is very very clever walaupun suka tidur mcm roommate dia tu tapi pandai. Hope we will stay friends...

I'm cool

woooot woot

Hey guys.

Happy holidays..:D

I'm sure you all must be lying down your bed and try to cover your so-called- lack of sleep.lols~

and most importantly

go on9 24/7 


Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf zahir batin people

I'll be heading to Pahang, on the first day of raya..hhehe

Not to mention.

never forget our homeworks-.-


Nur Nadhirah Binti Mohamed Zuldin~

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ooVoo jom!

Salam, Hello, kamu semua!! Macam mana cuti balik rumah? Orang rasa penat kot sebab asyik jalan saja. By the way, sama gak macam iliana. Nak ajak kamu semua main oovoo. Download la, add orang kat oovoo. Nanti boleh conference video ramai-ramai ok! Add:

Ezzati Aida ok?

By the way, orang ada video best untuk kamu semua. Teringat pula kat kapten azman yang hari tu bercerita pasal kerbau.

Battle at Kruger.

Tengok tau! First orang tengok pun terkejut kot. By the way, semoga enjoy bercuti!! Wasalam, Bye.


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sapa ada skype.
jum jum.
add saya.
iliana mohd yusoff.
anggota md62 sgt2 dialu alukan. hehehe

*dah add wani dan jojo. sapa ada skype lg?

A Tribute to Afiq! =p

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

Bagaimana kah hendak ku mulakan? Sesungguhnya, tiadalah dapat ku terjemahkan rasa hiba di hati ini dengan kepergian Afiq ke Mesir. You're the most friendly guy I've ever met! (since inilah kali pertama daku bersekolah campur) As if almost without barrier between you and us - the females. (tak suka guna 'girls') *puke* Senang sangat cope dengan kau, Alhamdulillah. Sudah terlebih banyak kenangan kita sesama classmates. Aku sokong keputusan kau! Yesss! 

By the by, aku pasti akan ingat lagu Zaiton Sameon yang kau nyanyi dalam class. Huhu. Tragisss. Aku tak pastilah samada semua orang rasa seperti aku, atau aku ja sensitif lebih. Aw, touche~ Tapi, aku agak berasa kehilangan. Mungkin kah hormone dirembes secara keterlaluan? Mungkin kah mode suasana raya yang sering diasosiasikan dengan kesyahduan dan kesayuan? Oh, gerhana jiwa. Betapa sedihnya. Ya, sangat sedih. Dush~

Kalau kalian mendengar lagu Brothers-Doa Perpisahan, maka dapatlah kalian uraikan maksud sebenar-benar persahabatan. Merelakan dan masih berusaha meredhakan dalam kepayahan.

"Kan ku utus kan salam ingatanku,
Dalam doa kudusku sepanjang waktu,
Ya Allah, bantulah hambaMu....
Mencari, hidayah daripadaMu,
Dalam mendidikkan kesabaranku,
Ya Allah, tabahkan hati hambaMu,
Di atas perpisahan ini.....

Senyuman, yang tersirat di bibirmu,
Menjadi ingatan setiap waktu,
Tanda kemesraan bersimpul padu,
Kenangku di dalam doamu,
Semoga Tuhan berkatimu...."

* * *

Aku sangat pasti di Mesir nanti, Afiq akan menjadi tersangat matang due to the environment there. He must be! Kau kena update life kau. Tau! Okay, dah. Secara personalnya, pasti lah daku jua akan pergi ke Mesir kalau dapat such offer. Kerana aku memang sangat nak belajar ke Mesir, tapi since Yayasan Zakat Kedah ni offer tajaan Mesir untuk orang yang ambil Bahasa Arab ja, so so so .... that's it! Cisss, ciss dan ciss! =.='  Dan katakanlah, once aku bertapak di Mesir, atau di Saudi Arabia, secara umumnya, di Timur Tengah - maka perspektif aku akan berubah dan by the time dah tamat study, sure la nak aim untuk suami yang soleh, dan boleh membimbing dan paling penting penyabar. InshaAllah. Oh, hurry husband! =p

Bagi aku, lelaki / perempuan yang belajar di negara Timur Tengah, he / she must be possessing such strong basic in Islamic teachings yadaa yadaa. Kat sana sangatlah ramai! The probability is higher! Dan aku sangat pasti dan tidak sabar dan teruja untuk melihat perubahan Afiq. Aku sangat yakin akan ada perubahan. Dia takkan lagho dah. HAHA! 

Afiq in 5 years ahead akan menjadi seorang yang sangat alim dan menundukkan pandangan. Huhuhu. Dan tengok-tengok nanti Afiq berjodoh dengan wanita berjilbab labuh / berpurdah. Wahlaoooweh~ The potential is there! Pastu, Afiq nanti sure berzuhud dan berlilit serban. Perrrgghh! Ada satu sabda Rasulullah s.a.w. mengenai pemakaian serban -

"Allah berselawat (memberi rahmat) dan para malaikatNya meminta ampun ke atas orang yang berserban pada hari Jumaat"

InshaAllah. Dan ada lagi aku terbaca, kalau memakai serban hendaklah dengan niat untuk meniru Rasulullah s.a.w untuk melahirkan syiar Islam. Tidak mustahil pun. Menarik kan syabab (pemuda) berserban? Sangat soothing mata melihat. Sangat bertuahnya kau dapat surrounding yang sangat tenang, dan inspiring. Sungguh. Untuk sahabat lain : Jom luruskan niat, jom istiqomah, jom saling mendoakan. Buat Afiq - C'mon, hijrahkan hatimu. 

Kau kena jadi pemimpin kat sana nanti! Seperti kata ustazah - ulama doktor. Fufuhh. Dengan pakej yang kau ada - bak kata Hazim : 'senyuman-menawan' ; it SHOULD make things easier. LOL. But that's not the point anyway. Hihihi.

Dah. Bukanlah post ini bertujuan menambah duka dalam qolbu hina kita. Malah, lebih dekat dan hikmah lagi - marilah kita sama-sama bermujahadah dengan laluan kita masing-masing, moga dipermudahkanNya, inshaAllah. Semoga ukhuwwah kita berkekalan dan diredhaiNya. Akhir kalam, selamat meneruskan puasa dan Selamat Hari Raya kepada semua sahabat. Minta maaf zahir dan batin. Semoga setiap hari kita yang mendatang adalah lebih baik dari hari-hari semalam. Goodluck Afiq! We'll sorely gonna miss you. Very mucho! Sekian, wassalamualaikum w.b.t.


Nor Syazwani binti Azmee
Sept 03, 2010
9:02 p.m

"Ya Allah, banyak sekali impianku, namun dosa yang menggunung membuatkan hamba malu bermohon padaMu. Ya Rabb, Kau amat suka hambaMu yang berdoa padaMu. Hamba kan terus memohon padaMu , moga Kau meredhai impianku sebagai perancangan yang telah Kau takdirkan untukku, dan moga hamba sentiasa redha dengan suratanMu walaupun ia bercanggah dengan keinginanku, kerna Kau yang mencipta diriku, pasti Kau lebih tahu yang TERBAIK buatku..."

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Okay, apa event kita pada hari ini???

tu diaaaaaa....makan kat Man Tomyam !!!
okay, ini ialah Diiiiiiiiiilaaaaaaaa
ini Wani dan Laena
ini kanak-kanak perempuan MD62 bersama jemputan khas kita, Puan Zolbidah !!!
ini sayur ya.
ini pula hidangan utama pada hari ini. muaahh !! dapnyeeeeee !!!!

* Afiq nanti masukkan SEMUUUUUAAAA gamba !!


reaksi karingeri

okey, tadi best ah kat Wispi. hahaha. well saja je la bagi link blog yang penuh dengan resipi lazat ni pada Hazim, well korang kan semua bakal doktor..hahaha... dan nampaknya ramai yang berminat nak tengok gambar2 power dalam blog ni !
tu diaaaaaaa....Pat tertawa lucu.
tu diaaaaaa....Sarah berasa ngeri.
tu diaaaaaaaa.... Wani rasa nak pelempang gambar tu.
tu diaaaaaaaaaaaa... Hazim terkesimaaa.
tu diaaaaaa... Charmaine cool gilaa. haha
tu diaaaaaaaa.... Hadi speechless.
tu diaaa... Amirul keresahan.
tu diaaaaa....Afiq tak nampak. kita Dentist kan? hahaha....
dan Sarah terus menerus dilanda perasaan gelisah, akhirnya memberi tekanan terhadap dirinya sendiri !!
Wani turut menerima tempias tekanan dari Sarah !
Pat merasa tidak sabar untuk memulakan tugasnya sebagai seorang doktor yang berjaya.
Charmaine rasa nak sorok muka pulak.
Hazim mula merasa loya (puasa woiii !)
Hadi menggaru-garu tengkuknya yang dirasakan agak meremang.
Amirul bajet je tak takut, tengok kat gambar ni ! inilah buktinya !!! Amirul takutttt !!
dan Afiq, stay cool di tepi, kita Dentist kaaaan....hehehe
Pat gembira dengan future jobnya.
Sarah tak dapat lagi menahan sebak !!
Wani hampir-hampir menitiskan air mata.
Charmaine pucat, ditoreh tak berdarah (perghh !)
Hazim tak larat nak terkesimaaa dah.
Hadi merenung masa depannya sebagai seorang doktor.
Amirul mulai merasa sebak.
Afiq kekal tenang di sebelah..kita Dentist kaaaan Afiq...?? kahkahkah

so, rajin-rajinlah baca blog ni. blog ni sangat menarik.
penuh dengan gambar-gambar resipi masakan yang begiiiiiiiiituuu melazatkan..nyum nyum....


Laena Bez


Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera kepada kamu semua!!

Esok, kita akan balik cuti menyambut hari raya. Oleh itu, orang nak ucapkan Selamat Hari Raya dan Selamat Bercuti kepada Charmaine and Pat. Plus, orang nak minta maaf banyak-banyak atas segala salah silap orang selama ini ya. Kalau tak puas hati, terus terang saja. InsyaAllah, boleh tolong. By the way, terima kasih banyak-banyak kerana sudi menjadi kawan orang ok!! May Allah bless you.

Nur Ezzati Aida Mahat~

HOmeWORK bah!!

huhu..guys sebelum kite balik kampung dgn penuh ketamanan dlm hati..jom check list homework..
aku tulis this entry pon as a reminder utk aku ngn korang..raye yg berhomework..
afiq bergumbiralah kamu tak payah pikir homwok..huahhh..tak aci..

ok start ...
1)MAlAY- sape yg tak siap presentation tu sile siapkan..aku pon tak buat lagi..Pat, charmine, izzah sile bace ranjau yek..

                           2) MAThematics- adoi banyak nye homewok dlm text book utk SL..hl pon mesti ade kan..

3) English..ade ke tak homwok.tak taulah..

                          4)BioLOgy- handout..but nota bab 3 tu kene buat ke..hehe..
                                                                    plus lab report ...

5) ChEMISTRY- kuih raye kite tu jng lupe..( hand0ut)..LAB REPORT yg complicated tu pon jngn lupe..

                 6) IBE-..ermm tak taula ade ke takdek..but ade exam after raye..econs and itgs dont know coz penulis tak amek econs and itgs..

CAS LOG dont forget eh..siapkan..

tujelah..yg aku terfikir dlm otak nie..kalu ade tmbhn sile menambah ek..sharing2..
owh AGAMA pon kene wat jugak kan..cari2 maklumat..


-izzah amirah-

au revoir afiq!!!!!!!!!!! we all are gonna miss u especially in TOK class..haha


Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Berikut hamba lampirkan beberapa keping gambar yang sempat hamba snap pada malam aktiviti sajak + syarahan. Sesungguhnya, hamba begitu terpegun dengan gaya Amirul! Garang perrrrghhh! HAHA! Tidak daku sangka. Selama ini aku selalu rasa Amirul macam suka senyum-senyum, innocent ja. Tapi sekarang makin menyakitkan hati dan jahat. Dushh2!~ Di sini, tiadalah niat hamba nak 'flame' siapa-siapa. Cuma hamba rasa these are the best pics of all! =D

(1) Ceyy Amirul sedang warming up -  masih belum 'tensed'.

(2) Penuh penghayatan. Gaya ketua CAS, ahemm.

Hazim : "SUBHANALLAH Amirul!!!" [stail Hazim dengan muka bajet innocent LOL] Hazim begitu terpegun, terpana, terkesima dan terpempan. *gulp*

(4) Ceyy Amirul ceyy. Best sangat intonasi time kau baca sajak! Sungguh.

Sekian. Wassalamualaikum w.b.t.

P/S : Sebenarnya, daku ingin sekali mengepos entry. Namun tidak larat menaip. Mungkin lebih selesa di rumah nanti InshaAllah. Take care amigoss. Adios.

Genuinely and sincerely and fervently and artless-ly  and uh...vigorously written by,
-Nor Syazwani binti Azmee-

A change of plan

Assalamualaikum WBT

I've just talked to Puan Zolbidah about our farewell dinner for Afiq Farhan (yang senyuman boleh mencairkan hati pompuan tuuu... dikatakan la... bukan aku kata haha)

She agreed to come if and only if we start the dinner during iftar. Our initial plan was after we offer the Maghrib prayer but she couldn't wait that long.

So, I said to her (as agreed by Afiq Senyuman Menawan) that we will have the dinner during the breaking fast. 

That's all...

-Hazim Cool

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

What Do You think?


Say it like cikgu Hindon's style. Well, What do you think?

I think I'll talk malay here>.<

Oleh sebab(ceh) korng sume tulis psl class mate korg en. Aku pun mcm nk gak ah tulis psl korg. Sepanjang 2 bulan aku dok sini, byk gak la aku dpt observe korg nyer prangai n peel(since aku ni mysterious and somehow very very very very observant).

I'll start off with the guys first

aku mmg nk letak name ko 1st. KO ADELAH ORG YG PALING PELIK YANG AKU PERNAH JUMPE LAM HIDOP AKU. TPI AKU SKE KEPELIKAN KO. X pernah aku tgok org yg semangat giler3 kentang mcm ko

Time sajak, Ko mmg hebat ah. :D (dats all..errr)

Zul, aku ingt ko mcm ustaz dowh..tpi aku tau ko bkn en???:D

Ko blur2..Tpi funny..Aku ingt agy time bio xDhahahahahhahahahaa(lols)

ko mcm bwh sket drp Hazim larh. (aku ske senyuman ko *wink*)

Ko mmg ade ruper mcm Elvis Presly-.-"

Girls, listen up!

yes, you are outspoken:D.Best ar ko pat

Shy3 cat meooww ma. But personally, I like you. I still remember  that I'm the one who tegur you on the 1st place.xD

Easy going. Budak SSP en?:D

Aku pk ko mmg ustazah. Aku biase gune aku ko en, tpi biler aku ckp ngan ko, aku gne name.(so rase pelik ah at first)

AKU SKE KO NYER CARE. Seyes. Aku suke ah. KO mmg striking. Ko tegas.muahahahahahaha

Aku ingat ko time public speaking botox uh..hehe tpi ko baik lah:)

hahaha..(byk pengaruh aku dier ni. BollehlaHh!!!!)

Tmpat aku carik hwrk. Aku takut ngan ko..Aku msok bilik ko je. ko stok wat keje>.<

YA ALLAH. Lembut dowh.Aku mcm nk ckp ngan dier kasar pun kesian.Again, aku gne name biler nk ckp ngan dier

Biler dga sore dier, aku jd kesian>.<

Pokek gilo Ganu ko. kdng2 aku pun x paham
Jum makang(:D:D)

Ni pun samo, bahasa kodah pokek.nasib bek aku paham:D

Aku ingt ko lain au..mcm same ngan aku(assumption lam FB lah).tpi biler jmpe dpn2 mcm ustazah rupenye(salah assumption lagi):P
Walaupape uh, ko mmg layak dapat tittle miss vigorous:D
Ok glamor sket....Miss V:D

OK..skrg nk cite ske psl korg nyer komen psl aku

Nad ni mysterious lah
Ok..serious, aku mmg misterious. Aku mmg pendiam.sorry ah.aku lam virtual world je byk ckp.tpi hakikat nye aku mmg pendiam:)

Ko independent..tpi ko kne tegur2 gak
Ok..bknyer aku x bukak mulut lnsung en?
Aku CKP lah..cume, mmg da sifat aku.aku mmg pendiam:D
n yes, aku independent.mmg aku x ske susahkn org..hehe..tpi aku susah pun, aku mntx ah tlg korg.not everything that I can carry on my shoulder:)

Mysterious nad:)

lapor laporan

Tarikh : 31/08/2010
Tempat : DTHO
Acara : Pertandingan sajak & syarahan (kelas kite masuk sajak ! )

tu diaaaaa... tu diaaaaa orang penang kitaaa....hahaha....
Tu diaaaaa judge dari kelas kita... Hazim gedik... wah Laena Bezsangat menyerlah di belakang ! juga kelihatan terdapat Nad Mysterious, Dila, Mia (MD61), Nabila, dan Aida !

*kelas MD62 memang menang sorak gila-gila ah malam tu. dah la tak ramai orang, and members of MD62 memang conquer habis barisan depan. HAHAHAHA.. SYABAS AMIRUL !!
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Tarikh : 01/09/2010
Tempat : Kolej aka sekolah kita la..
Acara : Pakai baju mengikut warna Jalur Gemilang ke kelas

wah seronok pulak ada event macam ni. hehehe. tapi rugi sebab tak de gambar budak-budak kelas kita hari ni. em, melalui pengamatan saya, kebanyakan orang memilih untuk memakai baju kaler MERAH. tapi tak ingat siapa dan siapa yang memakai kaler itu dan kaler itu. tapi satu je yang saya ingat, Laena Bez memakai baju kaler PUTIH. hehehehe :)
syabas lahhhh MD62 !!

Laena Bez

Is he lying?

Assalamualaikum WBT...
What is the possibility of Afiq is lying bout the whole Egypt thing? 


How do we know this is not a scam?

He is probably lying about it and just waiting (very patiently), watching how we react, laughing (hysterically) behind us, thinking how fool we are and POOF! after the Raya holiday... there he is still with us for the next two years.

Think about it guys...

Why are we believing him so blindly? Where are the proofs?

Open your eyes guys...

Until today, we are the ones who cares in an exaggerating way about him leaving but Afiq.... does he look like a person who has only few days before he is leaving the place he so love?

I don't expect him to cry or anything... but you can't be so care less like nothing is happening.

At least show some emotions!!! Say something meaningful!!!  
Give us something valuable!!!

Personally, I don't expect much materially, but the Cheese cake sounds good to me.

I would believe him 100% that he is leaving us if he cares enough to bake us a CHEESE CAKE!

But NO CHEESE CAKE until now...

NO CHEESE CAKE = NOT LEAVING... that's my Einsten's equation for this matter.

I am serious guys... he is lying to us. If he speaks the truth and only the truth, we would be eating his CHEESE CAKE long long time ago.

My advice... not to be fooled by this guy. Are you with me? No?

Well... at least I wont be the loser once he shows up after Raya.

Afiq... you fool me NOT!

He's Leaving, OMGG!!!!!!!

Well, this is special for you afiq

Although I haven't know you deep enough, but I can feel that you are such a kind guy(ceh)
I don't know why because suddenly I feel so sad that I wanna cry(sob3). But anyway, good luck in Egypt. Hope you'll make something awesome there:D

However, I'm longed to say this for a long time.
I like your smile, really. Your smile is super cute, cute enough to make other girls melt.*awwwwww*


btw, Just good luck ok. Insyaallah, you'll be successful in anywhere you are.

                                                                                                                                 Yours sincerely,
                                                                                                                              mysteriously nad